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My name is David Greenwood and I wrote the book Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with Adult ADHD. If you don’t have ADHD, don’t stop reading this because I’m confident you’ll find value here. The book profiles many entrepreneurs around the country who have ADHD. In the book, those once distracted professionals share their stories of struggles, success, and everything along the way to being a winning entrepreneur; lessons we all can learn from.

But who am I? I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Like many with ADHD, when the time was right, I ventured out on my own, taking over and starting various businesses. I’ve been self-employed for much of my adult life, owning a karate school, a well-known restaurant near Boston, and starting my own public relations firm. With the exception of about 10 years when I had a great opportunity to work for Special Olympics, I’ve charted my own course.

I am also the author of Overcoming Burnout.

I wrote Overcoming Burnout because I had experienced burnout more than once in my career. I was eager to find out more about why people burn out and come up with street-smart solutions to help people recover. So I sought out the advice of many business professionals that have burned out in their careers. Their stories of burnout are told in this book but more importantly, the solutions they implemented in their life to live free from burnout.

ADHD, Managing Time and Distractions for Adults

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